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Real Dog

Burrow Bedding for real dogs!

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Real Dog Burrow Bedding

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Premium XL is our top of the line Burrow Bed. It is made of the highest grade of material available. The material used in this bed meet all U.S. Government specifications for a fabric good enough to be issued to our troops to take into combat. This is where durable meets comfort.

What size burrow bed is best for your dog?

That's a great question, but the answer is not as straightforward as you might guess. Though we've given some broad ranges in the pricing above, these ranges might not be the best fit for your dog. Real Dog Burrow Bedding™ is a completely new concept in dog bedding that does not readily comport with standards of size because it is not the usual way of thinking about dog beds. Burrow Bedding is a new way of thinking about how dogs sleep. This is because of the 3 critical design elements of loft, sculpt-ability and pack size necessary to meet your dog's preferences coupled with how you wish to use the product. Here is how it all comes together:


Loft refers to the thickness of padding best for your dog. Older dogs and dogs with special needs would want the thickest possible padding between them and the floor, you may even place the burrow bedding on top of their existing bedding to enhance their comfort. The heavier your dog, the more loft is needed. Loft is created when the Burrow Bedding is shaped, or sculpted, by piling or spinning (the dog makes a circle). Multiple Burrow Beds and Large Burrow Beds produce greater loft.


Sculpt-ability (or dig-ability) refers to the shaping of the bed your dog prefers. Our research indicates that smaller dogs like to dig and tunnel whereas mid-sized dogs like to spin or twirl into circles and large dogs usually just lie down. This characteristic depends on the volume of burrowing material available. Dogs seem to think that more is better. This dimension does not solely depend on the size of the dog. For example, the pack of Chihuahuas in the opening video are on 4 large Burrow Beds. The medium size dog, black/ tan with a beard, is Daisy. She weighs about 35 pounds and prefers a large Burrow bed as demonstrated in the video.

pack size

Pack size is another critical dimension of the Burrow Bed. Real dogs are pack animals. The more dogs you have the more Burrow Bedding you will want since they like to sleep together. For this application you may want several Burrow Beds in any combination of sizes so that each dog is comfortable. Only the original Real Dog Burrow Bedding™ offers this level of flexibility to meet your pet's needs.

The bottom line is that the greater volume of burrowing material the more likely your dog will be comfortable. More is better, so mix and match the sizes to meet your dog's needs.

Is it true that only Kryptonite can destroy a Burrow Bed?

No! Any dog may chew a hole through our material. Chewing is what dogs do! They explore the world with their mouths and they will explore the bedding with their mouths as well. Any hole they make will remain stable because of the rip-stop design of the heavy-duty fabric. For your dog, the hole will only add interest to the bedding.

Burrow Bedding is not indestructible, but it is exceptionally durable! Burrow bedding is the first commercially available product designed specifically for the way dogs live and think. Dogs, espccially puppies, chew. The design and construction of the material limits any damage to the site of the chewing. Dogs dig. The slippery nature of our material causes the fabric to fly away from the digging paw just like dirt would, avoiding further contact with the paw. Dogs sleep together in a pack. Just throw in more Burrow Beds to accommodate the pack.

Humans love Burrow Bedding.

Along with dogs and cats (cats also love this bedding), we care about people too! Your work will be reduced because of the easy care of the fabric and its light weight. Real Dog Burrow Bedding™ is very easy to maintain. A few shakes get rid of much of the dog hair. It washes easily and will not cause your washing machine to get out of balance as large cotton bedding may. It will almost spin dry. This requires less dryer time and saves you money and work!

Humans also love to use Burrow Bedding for themselves. It is great for camping, picnicking and expeditions or trips to the beach. The bedding will squish to a small size and makes traveling very easy. This is the best bedding on the market today!

Is any dog training required?

No! Real Dog Burrow Bedding™ is totally natural and instinctive for your dog to use. You dog will not require any training. Mother nature has already trained your dog for the use of this wonderful product because this is the dog bed that every dog naturally seeks. To enhance any traditional dog bedding you may currently be using simply drop a Burrow Bed by Real Dog™ onto your dog bed and watch your dog transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!