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Real Dog

Burrow Bedding for real dogs!

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The Real Dog Story

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Without giving it much thought, a retired soldier tossed some fabric he had kept from his time in the Service into his dogs' kennel. His dogs were a well-balanced pack of five small canines that appeared drawn to the material for bedding. They were able to make small burrows and sleep as a pack. They enjoyed it for years.

One day, the soldier was visiting with a friend who noticed the remarkable response the little dogs had to the fabric. The friend was impressed with the way they sought out the material, especially when it was taken warm and toasty, fresh from the dryer. So the friend had the idea of producing a bedding product that was similar to this material so that dogs everywhere could be just as happy.

Together the soldier, his friend and their spouses invited another couple to join them in their search for a better, healthier, longer-lasting, and greener dog bedding.

The research was compelling! The Real Dog™ team discovered the current bedding that is widely offered fails in three critical aspects:

  1. Real Dogs are burrowing animals: when they burrow and dig into the pillows, pads and cushions currently on the market, the bedding will be destroyed.
  2. Real Dogs are pack animals: when you have more than one dog they prefer to sleep together. Current bedding does not allow this!
  3. Landfills are full of destroyed dog pillows, pads and cushions because of the digging instincts of Real Dogs!

Something had to be done to protect the environment and support the real nature of dogs at the same time. The solution to these problems was Real Dog Burrow Bedding™.

The Real Dog™ team started with a fabric similar to the original material brought home by the soldier. They designed and engineered a new concept in dog bedding that was soft, durable, easily cleaned, and yet it allowed dogs to satisfy their natural desire to dig. This innovative fabric use also brought the additional benefit of allowing multiple dogs to burrow in and sleep together comfortably. The result was a unique design for pet bedding that has patent pending.

From this humble start, Real Dog™ embarked on a mission to equip members of the animal kingdom with the best gear and equipment available. The hallmarks of our products are practicality, functionality, durability, and creativity.

We chose to build our company around this initial bedding product because we love critters, especially dogs. Personally, we have shared our lives with Chihuahuas, Miniature Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzers, Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, Irish Wolfhounds and numerous mix-breeds and mutts. Collectively, we have over 100 years of life invested in wonderful dogs. It is this experience and love that has led us to become outfitters to the animal kingdom.

Along with dogs and cats (they also love this bedding), we care about people too! Your work will be reduced because of the easy care of the fabric and it's light weight.

As our ideas progressed, we were excited to find a manufacture in the US to build this unique product for you. This company is Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind (IFB), whose mission is to provide opportunities for persons who are blind or visually impaired in need training, employment and services. We are thrilled to partner with them and want you to know that each bed you purchase helps fulfill their mission.

We hope that you enjoy the fact that each burrow bed you purchase does many wonderful things: makes your life easier, your dog happier, keeps the big box bedding out of the landfill and helps worthy people find meaningful work and skills.

Happy Burrowing!

The Real Dog™ Team

What People Are Saying

I was pleasantly surprised how fast my dog took to the Burrow Bed. She had never used any traditional dog beds or pillows.

I most liked my dog's appreciation of the Burrow Bed, it was easy to clean, looks good, and is durable.

It's easy for my dog to arrange, lightweight, easy to wash, does not smell.

My Cocker Spaniel usually gets in the kennel in the morning, but I found her back on the Burrow Bed instead!

We have washed the Bed several times and it does get more cozy and desirable the more it is washed. Sadie, our puppy, loves to lay on it and will drag it out of her crate to sleep on it. She really does like it fresh out of the dryer.